Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Gift Guide, Baby Legs

here in our household we a big fans of baby legs. they keep little legs warm, they are stylish, practical, and great for diaper changing. i seriously am addicted to them for the girls, the make any outfit and we always get compliments wherever we go. they would also make a good Christmas gift for anyone with children. we like to give them as shower gifts too. the girls have worn baby legs from birth up to, well, now...see the picture of popi and juni below...

popi wearing a blue and orange pair.

juni wearing a rainbow pair.

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Mrs. O said...

Arthur has that rainbow pair Junie is wearing. I have a photo of him right here over my desk at the lab just a few weeks old in his little tie-dyed green GAP romper with the rainbow legs and the cutest elephant socks ever; he was a little rainbow marzipan.

We still use them as arm warmers under his short sleeve tees and I have even snagged them once or twice in a pinch when I suddenly got cold out at the park on cool spring and autumn evenings. I am excited about reusing them with Lucy's little girly girl dresses.

Fun post! :)