Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Gift Guide, BD Safe-Clip Device

diabetes affects more than 20 million americans. chances are you know someone with diabetes. my dad is diabetic, so i have always been pretty conscience of what he does to take care of himself. it is also a fun challenge to make yummy desserts for him using the awesome sugar substitutes he is allowed. because of this i am pretty good in the kitchen with sugar substitutes...and here i will brag for a second, celebrated chef and diabetic, paul prudhomme came to a restaurant where i was pastry chef, i made him a lovely strawberry shortcake for dessert, sugar free. yeah me:)

well, what i am here to tell you about is the BD safe-clip device. as you know diabetics use needles to dose themselves with insulin many times a day. that leaves tons of needles to be disposed of, and by law they are a biohazard, and biohazards have to be disposed of carefully. many people have those huge, ugly biohazard boxes in their homes where they toss the whole needle. my dad uses the bd safe-clip. it is so neat, it clips off the syringe making it useless and safely stores it away in it's container.

you stick the needle in the side and it clips it! it will hold up to 1,500 needles, or a 2 year supply for a diabetic. it is a wonderful price too. if you have a diabetic in your life they would thank you for this thoughtful gift. i think it is amazing and i don't even need one. over and out people...chocolate brioche and english toffee in the making, more on that later.

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