Tuesday, December 28, 2010

To Do...

so much to do. girls are gone for a week, so it is just popi and i. sad really, but a much needed break to get some stuff clean. for some reason when i clean, they are right behind me to use the space i just cleaned:) yesterday i cleaned out flash's cage, picked up Christmas trash, and swept the living room.
i need to...
1. fold clothes
2. clean chicken coops
3. feed chickens
4. get some ham for split pea soup
5. clean out car
6. put up computer the girls got for Christmas, and figure out where
7. sew Christmas gifts for girlfriends
8. find place for kids new toys
9. go through clothes for winter clothing swap
10. wrap presents for carebear, who will be here tonight!

to make myself feel better, i already have been to the Y to work out, had my free mceedee's coffee, and ate breakfast. i also got the young folks at the front desk at the Y to flatter me, they thought i was younger than 25:) how sweet. so much to do, so little time, isn't that what the white rabbit says? i need to go to anthropologie as well, but dear readers, please don't make me go to utica square right now. it is a mad house! new years is coming, got to hurry up! later gators!


Valerie said...

winter clothing swap? sounds fun! i want to do that!

Creative Mom said...

I know you'll miss the girls but a week to finish stuff Wow! Have fun.