Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Gift Guide, All I Want For Christmas... tickets to san francisco to see this beautiful gal. not me, the blond one!

this is me, circa 1982ish, with a bouvier des flandres puppy. i want one! i need one:) a cute lil puppy under the Christmas tree for sacha!

i love the new heather ross fabrics available at spoonflower. a spoonflower gift certificate would be loverly.

i want a back brush for bath time, like this one from bath and body works

i have had the same sewing machine since 1997. i think i am due for a new one:) i love this one...and not just because it says project runway on it and it's pink!

i really am having a hard time thinking of things i want...i know they are out there, it's just when it comes down too it, i am pretty darn happy!

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Creative Mom said...

I was just looking at that fabric yesterday, I love it!