Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Gift Guide, Body Lotion, Framed Stamps

two for one gift today because i forgot yesterday.

aromatherapy, body lotion, energy-orange ginger
i love this stuff! i am not really into scented lotions, i am a curel kinda person. i think that usually scented lotions draw moisture out of the skin rather than doing it's job. then someone gave me this lotion, one-it smells divine, and two-it moisturizes. they have different scents if you aren't into orange ginger, but how can you not....and the price point is great. it is a great gift for anyone, well, maybe not a guy, but a good gift for a female. they also have matching body stuffs in the scent you like too, so you can make a little aromatherapy gift pack from bath and body works.

if you use the united states postal service at all you might have seen some stamps you really like. i have bought stamps for people when there are stamps that remind me of them. i myself own a sheet of audrey hepburn stamps. my Greek loves modern architechture and furniture, so when charles and ray eames stamps came out i bought a sheet and had it framed for him. it is a thoughtful gift that doesn't cost a lot and looks awesome!

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